Hello {Contact_First_Name},

It’s less than 2 weeks away until we are playing our 2023/24 season.

We have been very busy getting organized for a great year of playing pickleball.

You will see a few changes this year. You will have options to sign up for RR/Open Play and Brackets play.  Both will be signed up through Wild Apricot.  This is subject to change due to demand for play times, your patience is appreciated.   The sessions for RR/open and Brackets play will rotate.

For anyone not familiar with each type of play:

RR/Open Play will be similar to last year. We break off into levels of play (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) and RR (round robin) play will be played.  Or perhaps your have a group of 5-10 that want to reserve 1 or 2 courts for your own play sessions.  Or you want to book a court and drill or practice.

Brackets play is a rating type of play. Intermediate (3.0) and Advanced (3.5+) players who want the highest level of individual competitive play as ranked through Brackets will determine who plays with who dependent on your previous play sessions (based on win/loss).   Let your paddles dictate where you will be most competitive.   This might take a few weeks to sort out so don't worry if you feel you are playing in the wrong bracket, it will sort itself out due to entering the win/loss scores.  Anyone below a 3.0 skill level can still sign up but you will be playing a Round Robin play. (not brackets)

If you don’t already have a pickleball brackets account, please join (it's free).  (If you are interested in Brackets Play, please make sure you self rate as a minimum of 3.0 since only 3.0 or higher will play the brackets round of play)

If you are registered for a brackets sessions you MUST be in attendance for court assignment no later than 15 minutes before your play time or you don't play.

Each month we have 1 Friday event scheduled. The first Friday night is Friday October 13th (lucky or unlucky?) and we hope you can join us in a "FUN FRIDAY KICK OFF THE SEASON" event.  When you register for this event it's from 6pm until 9pm (2 session passes) and it will include Pizza, appetizers & refreshments and PRIZES for a fun night of pickleball.  If you sign up for this event and find that you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  There will be NO REFUNDS for this event.    Once we buy the grub and refreshments we can't take it back.

Please keep track of your play passes. If your play pass runs out you will not be able to sign up for an event until you purchase a new one.  We will be notifying you if your play pass is getting low via email.

We are always working to honor our player's requests however, as a club we need to make sure we have paddles on the courts to financially fulfill our responsibilities to the facilities that we play at. 

See you on the courts!!

Best regards,




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