Dear {Contact_First_Name},

I hope you are as excited as I am that Pickleball starts in a few days.   Our first day of the fall 2023 season is Wednesday October 11th.

Just a few items that I thought you might need clarification on.    If you are signed up during a "brackets play" event and you are expecting to play  brackets you MUST sign up with pickleball brackets and create an account (It's free).  Please make sure you are self rated as a 3.0 at the minimum since only people signed up with 3.0 or higher will be able to play brackets.

If you want to play pickleball but are not at a 3.0 level of play, that's okay, you can still sign up at a brackets event and play round robin play with your level of play (below 3.0 level).   Same goes for RR play, you will be playing with your peers, for example:  under 3.0 will play RR together,  3.0 will play RR together,  3.5 will play RR together etc.   So you don't just have to play on a bracket's session.

We are still looking for session coordinators.  Thanks to the people who have volunteered.    We can't do this without our members participation, let me know if it's something that interests you.

Please go into your profile and update your postal code and pickleball Canada #.   (also update telephone, address etc. if it has changed).

Did you know that YOU control your privacy in Wild Apricot.  Please look at the privacy tab and make any changes you need to.

Please have patience with us during our first few weeks since adjusting the play sessions/times may be required the following month.   We are trying to have enough sessions for requested types of play formats.   But, in the end, we need to do what's best for the whole group and it's paddles on the courts that will allow us to maintain our financial commitment to our facilities.

Just a reminder Friday FUN Night to kick of the season is on Friday 13th of October.  There are few spots left so SIGN UP!!!!    2 play passes for 3 hours of play, prizes, pizza, snacks and beverages.

Looking forward to seeing you all SOON!!!!