Hello Fellow Pickleball players,

We hope you have had a wonderful summer and are getting excited about winter pickleball.

Plans are underway to get set up at the Pavillion with a tentative start date for the week following Thanksgiving.   We will follow up once the start date is confirmed.  We will need volunteers to place the lines for the courts and move in the equipment to the facility.   We have tentatively scheduled the date for setup for Tuesday October 10th.

Speaking of assistance, we will be asking for help throughout the year.   It's become an incredible amount of work in the past few years for very few people and if this is something you are interested in volunteering your time for, please let us know.   Currently we will be requiring help in the following capacities: 

   Treasurer (must have some bookkeeping experience, we can discuss further details once you come forward)

  Equipment manager

  Session coordinator for each play session 

  Coaches who can assist in the Learn to Play clinics

  Social Media Manager

We would like your feedback on the format of play you are looking forward to this coming year.   In the past we have tried "open play" (2022/2023 year) and the previous year we played bracket play.    I have had some feedback from people who expressed interest in BOTH formats.    Perhaps a format of Three categories for court play:   Good/Better/Best.

Please let us know if you have concerns or comments, we are willing to hear all of our members' opinions.

Stay tuned for the date of the AGM.  Our year end is Sept 30 2023, once the accountant reviews the treasurers bookkeeping and prepares a report it will probably be late November or early December.  

Please keep in mind if you have any friends or family wanting to learn to play we are ready to get them started early in the year.  We will have player development courses set up for all levels of play.  The dates will follow soon.

We are excited to have a wonderful year of playing pickleball and doing the work to make this a GREAT year.     

See you on the courts.