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Adult Play Program

Come and join us for an exciting sixth winter season of indoor Pickleball at the Stony Plain Heritage Pavilion and Greystone School in Spruce Grove!

  • There are seven full-size courts available at the pavilion, completely dedicated to pickleball. That is, there are no other sport lines on the floor. And with court dividers, there is a lot less chasing of badly-hit balls! 
  • We have play sessions both days and evenings at the pavlllion, primarily Mondays through Thursdays. On weekends, we move to four courts at  Greystone School in Spruce Grove.
  • We have a 30-week season — twice as long as our summer season — starting in October 2024.
  • In total, there are over 300 two-hour play sessions for you to take advantage of! There are almost 200 during the week and over a 100 on the weekends. 
  • The number of available play times is totally dependent upon on adequate enrollment and player participation. On weekdays, we need to average 24 players per session and 16 on weekends in order to pay for the facilities we've committed to. In order to be financially sustainable we need regular player support.
  • Weekday sessions are planned to be 90 minutes to 2 hours in length. Weekends may be 90 minutes. 
  • Players will be grouped by skill level. 
  • The program will run from mid-October to early/mid-May. 
  • Per-session cost will range from $7 to $12 per session, depending upon how many sessions you purchase at one time.
  • A season-long sign-up (70 sessions) will provide the lowest per-session cost and a 10-session play pass will have the highest. 
  • The annual Yellowhead player membership/registration fee is $35 and renews one year from the date you registered. You have to be registered before you can purchase a play package.

The Four Steps to Regularly Playing Pickleball with YellowHead Pickleball

  1. Purchase a Pickleball Canada membership ($10) which automatically enrolls you with Pickleball Alberta. Please do this only after October 1! If you do so before that date, your membership will expire on October 1, which might be only a few days away.
  2. Become a registered player with YellowHead Pickleball ($35). You can do so on this website here.
  3. Purchase a Play Pass package for a set number of playing sessions here. (This link will only function properly if you've registered with YHPC and are logged in.)
  4. Sign up for play sessions for afternoons or evenings. (This link will only function properly if you've registered with YHPC and are logged in.)

If you've got questions, just email us.

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