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Welcome to our returning players and to those who are joining us for the first time. As before, we will have both Junior and Adult play.

We begin our sixth season of operation on October 11, 2023 and continue play until May 11, 2024. Within that 30-week timeframe there will be 28 weeks of play, four-to-six game days each week, both weekdays and weekends. So there will be lots of opportunities to play as often as you want!  We generally play Monday to Thursday at Stony Plain Pavilion and our playtimes are 2-4pm, 6-8pm & 8-10pm with some days playing 2-4pm, 5-7pm & 7-9pm .  We also play weekends at Greystone School, Spruce Grove.

On most days, there will be both Rated (proof of verified rating required) and Unrated/open play available, for those competitively-minded or not.

For those new to the game there will be Learn-to-Play Sessions for both Juniors and Adults.

On weekdays, games will be held at the Heritage Park Pavilion in Stony Plain, with weekend games at Greystone School in Spruce Grove.

Where to Begin?

  • If you're a Junior Player (currently enrolled in grade 7-9), start here.
  • If you're a returning Regular Player who needs to renew, start here. Note: You'll need to have signed into this site ("Log in" at top-right of screen) to access the page.
  • If you're a new Regular Player who wants to sign up, start here.
  • If you're an adult pickleball newbie and want to get some instruction and have a three-session trial, start here.

YellowHead West  

YHW is the operating entity of Yellowhead Pickleball Club, an Alberta-incorporated non-profit society and an affiliated club member of Alberta Pickleball and Pickleball Canada Organizations. The primary purpose of YHW is to develop more playing opportunities for local and regional players of all levels. Playing opportunities are most limited during our long winter and in the fall/spring shoulder seasons.

One solution to this a few years ago was partnering with the Town of Stony Plain in utilizing the town's Heritage Park Pavilion to dramatically increase the amount of weekday and evening playing opportunities. With seven dedicated courts, there is a plethora of opportunities now available to play days and evenings, Monday through Thursday. We also have the privilege to play on Saturdays and Sundays at a school in Spruce Grove.

There is always lots of room for experienced or beginner players. Get active and enjoy the winter with a really fun and inexpensive activity! Details about learning to play pickleball (if you're a beginner) and the multi-step registration process can be found under the Programs menu item.

We sure hope you can come out and play with us whether you are a seasoned player or interested in becoming a new player in the fastest growing sport in the world!


Where are you at in your pickleball journey?


I've never played pickleball before and need some lessons to learn how to play and determine whether I like the sport.


I'm an experienced pickleball player who might want to join the YellowHead West Pickleball Club.

Want someone to contact you to tell you more about pickleball and our group?

  • If you're not ready to enroll in YHWP or have some questions that aren't answered by what you've found on our website, just complete and submit the form below and someone from the group will contact you ASAP.
  • If you just want to be "in the loop with our group" you're welcome to just provide us with your name and email address in the form and you'll be automatically placed on our mailing list — which you can easily unsubscribe from whenever you want.

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