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    • 19 Sep 2022
    • 9 May 2023
    • Pavilion or Prescott School

    Play Packages are how registered players access the facilities to play. Only registered players can purchase play packages. Several days before the specific date of play registered players will receive a communication outlining the sessions that are available to play in  the upcoming period. At this time a player will opt in to as many or as few sessions that they choose to play in the upcoming week. First come first serve. A player can opt back out of a selected session up to 24 hours before the session start with no charge. Any opt outs after that will count as a session played as the court assignment will have been made. This policy is also to allow any players on the waitlist time to opt in.

    Every organized session during the weekdays will likely have two or more courts available for each skill level available. As players opt in if there is more players playing than the initial courts assigned a court/s from other levels above or below will be reassigned to the overlimit group. Weekend play will initially see two courts assigned to two subsequent ordered skill levels groups. For example two courts  2.0 and 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 and so on. We will utilise single court assignment as well as double and triple court assignments to best provide competitive developmental play as well as playing with broader group of players in an applicable skill level to encourage a mix of play within the skill group. 

    * NOTE: we are working on the final details of play for open sessions which will be new for this season. These will be available shortly.

    We are striving for the most flexible opportunity to play around your weekly schedule while at the same time offering solid competitive and developmental play for all skill levels and maximum court utilization to manage costs. We have to pay the facilities for every hour of court usage in the winter and to sustain an opportunity to play all winter.

    Based on the last 4 seasons and feedback, we feel that play packages are the most appropriate method to address player, facility and club needs. These three are the primary stakeholders. It is a compromise to a number  of issues to create a sustainable venue for all stakeholders. 

    For the player 

    • Flexibility, Competitive Play, Developmental Play, Frequency of Play, Time of Play, Proximity of Play, Value and Affordability of Play, does participating Feel Good.

    For the Facility

    • Utilization of Facility, Public Allocation to most worthy Users, Covering Facility Financial Costs, Adherence by User Group to Municipal and Provincial Policy and Regulation
    For the Organizer
    • As a non profit entity, that the costs and commitments to the above stakeholders are met as well as the umbrella organizations (Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta),  volunteer administrative/management time/effort requirements, meeting stakeholder expectations and needs.

    Players will be initially slotted per their rated skill level from summer play and as play progresses there will be new rating applied based on win/loss record from actual play. This will allow playing groups of closely skilled players and maximum court utilization. We are striving for that before you reach the court you will know which court you will be playing on and who  with.

      • A registered player can choose to play in any session offered on any day up to the number of sessions allowed on the specific player pass purchased. 
      • The player pass is for your exclusive personal use only and cannot be used by or transferred to another player.
      • if a player pass is used up and if available other passes will be issued
      • All sessions must be used before the end of the  2022- 2023 season (May 10 2023) unless communicated otherwise. There is no carry over of unused sessions unless communicated otherwise or financial refund in any case for unused sessions except as allowed for in the case of medical or family emergency. See details in each specific play package.
      • If there is a Covid related shut down that prevents access to the facility credits/refunds for unused sessions will be issued on a prorata basis for the number of weeks that the facility is closed.

    • 10 Oct 2022
    • 31 Mar 2023
    • Stony Plain Pavilion

    Program Details

    Ready to learn to play the fastest growing sport in the world?

    • Come join us for a three-session introductory program at the Stony Plain Pavilion. 
    • Learn the basic skills and rules of the game. 
    • Sessions will be offered in the evening. 
    • Composite paddles and balls supplied. 
    • Cost for three sessions is $30 and is non-refundable. 
    • Upon completion, participants can join the club and participate in a 10-session player development program and then join regular weekly playing sessions running through till early May when a outside play will start.

    We will contact you directly with dates and times for you to choose from once these are set.

    Questions? Just email us.

    To register just complete and submit the form below, using a credit card to pay the $30 fee.

Join us

If you are interested in playing this winter at the Pavilion and would like more information on how to register please fill out the subscription form by hitting the JOIN button above and we will be in touch with you.

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